How To Become Custom Officer

Would you like to be a Custom Officer? If so, this article is going to help you. You’re going to read about the subject here – how to become Custom Officer?

Customs officers are experts with a focus on border safety from the federal law enforcement. These experts are working for the United States. Homeland Security Department. These experts are working for the United States. Homeland Security Department. This job can be stressful and harmful. However, officers may feel rewarded in knowing they are working to assist maintain their nation secure.

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What does a customs officer do?

You would operate in airports and seaports collecting customs duties and preventing smuggling and illegal trade as a customs officer, also known as a tracking officer.

You might:

  • Arrest and charge people.
  • Prepare reports and witness statements.
  • Take on specialist roles such as dog handling or undercover and surveillance work.
  • Search luggage, vehicles and travelers.
  • Check customs documents.
  • Question people who have been found with illegal items or goods over the allowance.

If necessary, as a witness, you would go to court and work closely with other agencies, such as the police and the home office.

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Steps to Become a Customs Officer:-

1) Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

A student who considers a career as a customs officer typically completes a degree as the first step. There is no need for a particular degree sector, but learners may favor criminal justice programs. These programs give classes appropriate to a profession as a customs officer, which take four years to complete. With a bachelor’s degree, aspiring customs officers can apply without first gaining experience for entry-level positions.

2) Apply for a position and meet the requirements for pre-employment

Those customs career graduates should log in to the U.S. U.S. website for customs and border protection. Home Security Department ( You can find customs-related employment there. You need to demonstrate eligibility, select a place, and apply to be considered for a position. The requirements for pre-employment include a formal interview, background check, medical exam, fitness test and drug testing.

3) Complete training requirements

At the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia, custom officers are needed to complete an 18-week training program. While finishing this program, they receive compensation and advantages. Training focuses on a multitude of appropriate fields such as managing firearms, counter-terrorism, and contraband detection. Trainees are also taught about efficient communication, interview preparation, and cross-cultural communication.

4) Advance your career with additional education

Usually new customs officers join the GS-5 level federal jobs scheme. Advancement will rely on successful job performance and experience, but further education will enhance your opportunities. Consider obtaining a master’s degree in criminal law or enforcement. There is also high value for additional language skills.

Custom Officer Salary

As of June 27, 2019, the average U.S. customs officer salary is $38,923, but the range typically falls between $35,261 and $49,153. Salary ranges can differ extensively based on many significant variables including education, certification, extra abilities, the number of years you have spent in your job.

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