18 Best Startup Ideas In India

While work uncertainty is rising every day, a flurry of startups birth in the nation has been taking place. While there is no 100 percent assurance that all startups will succeed, from time immemorial creative startup concepts are taking birth every day to fix issues that exist in the nation. We published 18 startup ideas for you to start business on your own in India.

Startup ideas in India

18 Best startup ideas are:

1. Food Delivery

So, are you fed up with daily news from food-tech start-ups about stud downs and layoffs? Don’t be that! India’s food industry is a billion dollar market, and start-up concepts linked to food certainly have potential. And if applied in the correct direction, it has huge potential to alter citizen’s  food habits.

2. Selling homemade products online

Indian females are able to create home-based products, and this is a reality that has been proven. Even though they are often unable to step out of their homes and turn their abilities into company, they do it perfectly even from home. This industry is still comparatively untapped in the nation and under a common platform, Indian females can be helped to display their abilities online. Customers will also have the privilege of choosing the best among many.

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3. Social media consultancy

Social media is ruling the modern world. And social media is the king in the company globe. With that being said, social media consultancy has emerged as a new career opportunity which if used in the right way can take someone to millions.

4. A platform for storytellers

Suppose you got high last night or did something very fishy based on a dare given by your friend. What did you do in those situations? Think, think! Funny, right? Why not share this with the world or just a story around your friend. Well, it doesn’t always have to be a private blog of your own.

5. Career Counselling

While most schools outside India provide personal mentors to students, this is not very common in India. We’re lost in our traditional education system that doesn’t seem to alter. Therefore, there is a great need for start-up concepts based on career counseling facilities that can be reached for every student so that they are not caught in the rat race.

6. Online Courses

It is not always possible for everyone to pay enormous amounts of cash in online courses offered by Coursera, Udemy etc. There is also no need for everyone to fully understand the lessons as a substantial amount of Indians are still studying in regional languages. Whatever the case may be, the eagerness to learn stuff apart from academic classes is comparable among everyone. Hence, multilingual online courses are bound to work in India.

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7. T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing in India is rapidly catching up, and many are offering this service. Because all large organizations and businesses need t-shirts, hoodies etc. in bulk, it has a bright future in the nation. In each of the t-shirts, a little bit of customization based on the type of event and organization can work wonders.

8. Outdoor publicity

It is very true that digital marketing is much more efficient and cheaper than traditional marketing, but it is also true that outdoor advertising such as billboards, bus benches, etc. has not lost its meaning. Therefore, this can also be a good chance for someone to implement.

9. Women’s health and hygiene

In most developing and undeveloped nations around the globe, health security growth continues under-penetrated. Major industry trends are the growing amount of mergers and acquisitions, demand for non-woven textile napkins, and development in tampon use during menstruation. More start-up ideas need to come up in this section.

10. Home Security App

The idea is to connect the home security system with the smartphone of the people to provide security service. The purpose of this request is to provide home security and safety when the individual is out of the station. The application offers the service to detect intrusion from windows and doors that reaches your current smartphone’s instant notification.

11. Tutor Services

In almost every region where skills can be learned and obtained, people hire tutors: academic topics and use of computers, athletic abilities and hobbies. But in tiny towns or even big towns, it becomes hard to discover the best one that suits the needs of your child. Therefore, by aggregating them under one platform, you can start offering tutoring services offline and even online.

12. Consultant for health insurance

Many businesses are unable to afford a individual with full-time human resources. It is more than most people have time to cope with the complex nuances of health insurance. That’s why more and more businesses are looking for external facilities to assist them navigate through the minute health plans and premiums.

13. Seminar production

Hundreds of thousands of individuals pay each year to attend meetings, seminars, workshops, and training programs where they are encouraged, enlightened, and encouraged by professional presenters. Some of these people are sent to learn fresh abilities by their businesses – from time management to fundamental math smarts to super marketing methods. Others seek private development on their own – how to better interact with spouses, important others, and children ; how to handle stress ; or how to invest.

14. Fitness Gym Centers

There are about 180,000 fitness clubs around the globe, including Yoga Center, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Zumba, etc. Worldwide, over 1.9 billion individuals were overweight and in 2016, 18 + were also overweight. In addition, obesity is growing very quickly, specifically since 1975 it has tripled. This has definitely brought many fitness centers to demand. If you are interested in this sector, then you can become popular without being unique as demand is high. Although if your fitness company is unique and provides some special activity that no one provides, you will definitely be attracting a lot of investors and making your startup successful will be simple for you.

15. Ticketing Business

This is a start-up concept online again. There was a time back in the 90s and 2000s when individuals used to stand in queues to purchase tickets for lengthy hours for films, events, and sports games, just like the lines when iPhones were launched. However, the ticketing business is also taking the pace with the advancement of internet speed (3 G and 4 G). The ticketing sector is increasing by 20 percent at CAGR. In addition, the best part about start-ups ticketing is that it’s a lucrative company. If I’m talking about India, then all the large startups started in the last 3-5 years are at a loss in addition to BookMyShow, a famous startup for tickets.

The best part of the ticketing company is not having a lot of liabilities in it. Most of all, here you need to build a wonderful website or develop an app that can appeal to clients and has a great user interface that’s simple to browse. Most of the investment will only go here to develop codes for your website and applications.

16. Disposal Plate and Glass Business

Another excellent start-up concept is to start the production of plates for disposal and glass. These can be plastic or paper disposals. Also not very expensive are the machines used to make disposable plates and glasses. At just Rs 2 lakhs, you can purchase nice machines. You can sell your products directly without first involving wholesalers to shopkeepers, wedding planners, restaurants and party organizers.

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17. Metal Wall Art Startup

This is an incredible and appealing concept for startups. Due to the participation of high-end equipment, the best part is just a few individuals concentrating on it. Metal art making is generally thought by people to be a callous company, but in fact it is not. This startup can be began with a meager budget and has a profit margin of 100%-500% depending on the models you make and on the market where you sell your product.

The workshops that have laser cutting machines (highest quality) or plasma cutting machines (low quality) must be contacted in this company. Provide them with the metal you want, such as copper or steel sheets, and design files. Then blasting can be performed on the metal arts for coloring, and you can sell it through various media such as the offline shop, e-commerce website, or your private e-commerce store.

18. Fidget Toys

This is a great concept for a startup. The world recently saw individuals crazy about a fidget spinner, the start-up concept that made two young boys, Allan Maman and Cooper Weiss, famous and wealthy. But the craze about fidget toys isn’t new, it’s pretty old, and individuals frequently make such toys. Despite the exceptional popularity of fidget spinners.

Many individuals are used to playing in the workplace. You can create cubes, magnets, pens or other objects that can involve individuals while at job without disturbing their concentration. You don’t need to produce these products on your own. Rather, you can take the workshops ‘ help and place an order for them.