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Event planner Business

Who is event planner?

A person or a group of persons who can manage events like wedding, birthday party, product launches, political rallies,singing concert, etc in an effective and creative way is known as event planner.

Scope of event planner?

In today’s world people with alot of money or we can say middle class people who do not have time to manage such things like decorations, dances, songs (according to function), etc. hire event planners to arrange such things for them. Event planner business as a career is a very big opportunity in today’s world. You will Get paid per event more than 10,000 to no limit. It depends on how effectively you can handle and manage the event.

Things required for event planner business:-

     1) Extra ordinary mind set: a person who have a good presence of mind, extra ordinary talent, extra ordinary skills, etc.
     2) Sound health: he should have a great personality to attach and to convince client. Efficient stamina to do any amount of physical work.
     3) Communication: The most important requirement to be a event planner is to communicate with people, to understand their wants and desires, that which type of event they want.
     4) Effective team: he must have an extra ordinary effective team with him with all above.


Event Planners may handle any or all of the following tasks related to that event:

  • Conducting research
  • Creating an event design
  • Finding a site
  • Arranging for food, decor and entertainment
  • Planning transportation to and from the event
  • Sending invitations to attendees
  • Arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees
  • Coordinating the activities of event personnel
  • Supervising at the site
  • Conducting evaluations of the event


Print advertising covers a broad range, from a free—or inexpensive—Yellow Pages advertisement to an ad in a glossy national publication costing tens of thousands of dollars. Even today in the online era, most planners agree that an ad in the Yellow Pages makes good business sense. A line advertisement, simply listing your business name, is often provided free of charge when you connect your phone (if you have a land line). 
You can also opt for a display advertisement. These are the bigger, bordered ads in the Yellow Pages. There is a charge for these. If you do choose a larger ad space, be sure to include your logo. You may also want to consider advertising in your local newspaper. Many papers periodically (perhaps quarterly) publish special sections for brides- and grooms-to-be. These are good vehicles for promoting your event planning business if you plan to do any wedding consulting.

Event Planning Software:

There are hundreds of types of event planning software, ranging from inexpensive and basic packages to software developed for planning and managing large-scale conventions and trade shows. This software ranges in price from $100 to thousands of dollars. As your company grows, you will need to determine the types of software you will need. Check out Capterra for a complete breakdown of top event management software products like Eventbrite, Regpack, Grenadine Events, SimpleTix, and many others.

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